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We may not be able to tell you if a cat crossing your path is good luck or bad, but we can tell you one thing with certainty. We see great wine in your future!

OMEN wines are hand-crafted with care from high-quality fruit that comes from “hidden gem” AVA vineyards.
This means we have no need to sweeten our wines, or add gum arabic (used to increase mouthfeel) or Velcorin (DMDC). All OMEN wines are also GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN FRIENDLY.

Our desire is to bring excellent wines to anyone, regardless of age or income, who are eager to find an additive-free, crafted wine at an everyday price.

This is a Good Sign!

Are you looking for a sign to try our wines? Here are some things to get you started....Anytime you see any of these things this month it's time to reach for a bottle of Omen!

Omen Wine in San Francisco

Sierra Foothills AVA, CA

The tannins and structure in our Omen Cabernet Sauvignon and Omen Red Blend wines come from the high mountainsides and decomposed granite soils of the Sierra Foothills. It’s astounding to us that this area has been growing incredible wine grapes since the California Gold Rush, yet it is still a relatively unknown, untapped goldmine of high-quality fruit!

Paso Robles AVA, CA

The richness and length in Omen Cabernet Sauvignon come from the deep alluvial soils and a maritime climate of the Paso Robles AVA.

Rogue Valley AVA, OR

A forty-five-minute drive from Ashland, Oregon will find you in the heart of the Applegate River Valley AVA and the Rogue Valley. It is in this isolated spot, about an hour north of the California border, that we source our powerful fruit for our Omen Pinot Noir. The rolling hillsides have no coastal influence and super warm days but are balanced by very cool nights due to the buffeting influence of the mountain range. The conditions of this hidden gem vineyard gave us exactly what we wanted, a low yield (2-3 tons/acre) bigger body Pinot Noir grape to give our wine the excellent mouthfeel and balance that we desired, without the need for additives.

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